Eco-Friendly Recycled Pens

MOQ: 100pcs
Customised Logo print is available


Material: Recycled Paper, Plastic 
Dimension: 13.7cm x 1cm

Available in brown coloured bodies, our business Eco-Friendly recycled pens feature accent colours at the clip and tip in your choice of yellow, red, purple, orange, green, blue and black. Get started on your order of printed recycled pens today and contact our customer service agents should have questions regarding the quality of our promotional items. Great giveaways for a number of your advertising events, these business Eco-Friendly recycled pens are sure to be a hit among those you present them to. provides the most affordable corporate gifts in Singapore. Order your business Eco-Friendly recycled pens from today and be guaranteed that we will offer only the lowest prices!

Custom Pens, Pencils & Highlighters Printed for Promotional Events

Where to buy the bulk promotional Pens at wholesale price with customized logo printing in Singapore?

No matter how many times someone proclaims “the end of paper,” we still fall back on jotting down notes manually with a pen or pencil. Even with a smartphone or tablet within reach at all times, and thousands of apps designed specifically for note taking, writing, to do lists, and every other imaginable substitute for a pen and paper, sometimes there’s just nothing that feels as right as a manual writing tool in your hand that you can feel flowing across a clean, white sheet of paper.

High-Quality Wholesale Writing Tools

A personalized pen, pencil or highlighter makes a fantastic promotional giveaway item — especially if you’re ordering in bulk for your employees, clients, friends or family. You can literally put your business right into the hands of your customers and prospects with branded pens and pencils. These handy writing tools make the perfect promotional giveaways when customized with brandings such as your logo, contact information, or other marketing messages.

Personalized pens are always crowd favorites and sought after giveaways at tradeshows, seminars, awards ceremonies, and corporate retreats. Custom pencils and highlighters add a different spin on the traditional pen and make great gifts for trade show attendees, sales prospects, new customers and direct mail packages

Wide Variety of Styles, Sizes, and Colors to Choose From

Part of the magic of finding the right pen or pencil is how it looks and feels in your hand, along with the quality of the mark it makes. When you’re giving them away for promotional purposes this becomes even more important. After all, your company’s name, logo, or messaging is on the side, and you want the user to keep and use the product for a long time.

All these custom writing tools come in a variety of styles and shapes, giving you plenty of options to choose from. From the traditional, straight-laced BIC-style ballpoint plastic pen to our bestselling Derby-style ballpoint with an ergonomic hourglass shape and bright splashes of colour, you’re sure to locate a custom pen that’s just right for your needs.

The type of ink matters a lot too, especially when it comes time to use the pen under real-world conditions. Offering personalization in this area as well, we offer standard ballpoint in multiple ink colours, as well as rich-and-smooth gel pens and highlighters in every imaginable colour.

Finally, you can decide whether a pen or a pencil is the better option for your intended purpose. While there’s a huge variety of custom pen styles to choose from, our selection of personalized pencils is nothing to dismiss either. From cute golf pencils to thick and sturdy carpenter pencils, slim-line mechanical pencils in multiple colours, and even high-class executive pen-and-pencil sets, if it’s erasable perfection you’re after, we’ve got that too.

Among our most popular designs in recent years is our wide selection of stylus pens. These multifunction writing tools serve equally well on paper or on your device’s touchscreen, which offers a valuable versatility the average pen or pencil can’t match. For anyone who routinely switches back and forth between paper and a screen - and who doesn’t these days? - Any of our quality stylus pen design options could be a perfect choice.