Customised RFID Card Protector

Customised printing


With the fast development of technology, Hackers can now easily access your private information even through your cards. Protect your valuables by having these Customised RFID Card Protector from 

Many credit cards nowadays have Radio Frequency Identification chips inside which offer convenient contactless scanning and information sharing at the cost of security and privacy. These protectors will block RFID signals and protect valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans or unwanted readers. Have your logo be imprinted on these Customised RFID Card Protector.

Should you have any concerns about your item, there is the customer service representative that is ready to help and guide you through the process. What are you waiting for? order these protectors and enjoy great savings. provides the most affordable corporate gifts in Singapore. Order your personalized Customised RFID Card Protector from today and be guaranteed that we will offer only the lowest prices!

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